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With Rocketbot, companies of all sizes can cut down their costs and make their operations more effic

Actualizado: 6 jul 2020

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May 14, 2020 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- Miami, Florida - Rocketbot is an RPA solution that allows the managers of SMEs and other organizations to automate the repetitive tasks and minimize the probability of errors in their businesses. The company aims to enable companies and people to generate value through the automation of processes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of the companies have started to acknowledge the importance of integrating technology with their businesses. Rocketbot is ahead of this game and has been offering customized Robotic Process Automation services to its clients in over 9 countries who have been able to amplify their productivity and expand their business by outsourcing complex repetitive tasks to the robots.

From the reading of emails, document processing, data extraction, approval, and inputting of data, to work with ERPs/CRMs and with structured and digital documents, Rocketbot has got solutions for everything. The process automation tools designed by the company are principally focused on processes that support the core business of their clients. For this reason, Rocketbot’s packages have become the most popular second choice for many corporations in the global market. The CEO of Rocketbot, Rafael Fuentes is a highly innovative leader and a visionary in his field. He intends to create a world where each human will have her own robot. He aims to generate value in corporations and large and medium enterprises through software robots and to enable each worker to build a robot that supports them in their day-to-day tasks. In his words: "With Rocketbot we have always had a vision of the future that companies will create their own areas of automation and that automation will not be something totally dependent on technology but rather that a person without programming skills will be able to manufacture their own robots. Based on that premise, at Rocketbot we have the mission of building a simple, easy, and intuitive tool that allows anyone to build a robot by themselves, without having to depend on consultancies like EY or Deloitte. We envisage a world where children and adults can build robots for tasks at home or school.” One of the most significant features of Rocketbot is that integrating the robots does not require the company to invest heavily in new computers and maintenance officers. All the products offered by Rocketbot are cloud-based which means that when you build your robots, you could integrate with diverse applications that will allow you to work faster and smarter. With Rocket Cloud you can deploy your robots in seconds. With their Image Docker and AWS Workspace distribution, you can have all your robots on the cloud saving in infrastructure spending. The company’s products are easy to use and are compatible with all major OS including Linux, Windows, and, Mac. The Rocketbot Orchestrator Center enables the users to control the behavior and status of their robots. With this application, the users can input the time at which the robot should start its task, control what it does, and when it ends. Moreover, they can also connect all their team to work in instances and do collaborative work. The biggest difference of Rocketbot comes from the perspective of putting robots into production as the company already has a platform for cloud execution and management, which allows it’s clients to raise instances and execute the robots of any vendor (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) and on any type of machine running the Linux or Windows operating systems, as well as being compatible with Docker. This allows companies to not worry about architecture and to not pay for licenses, but instead to contract Rocketbot as if it were a Software as a Service. Currently, Rocketbot is offering 3 tiers of paid packages with increasing price range and services. Their most basic package costs only $890/annum and provides the buyers access to unattended robots on any OS including O.S. Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, or Mac. Satisfied clients can upgrade to their premium packages that offer Orchestrator, Cloud, Infrastructure, and Parallel robots. When compared with the value gained, the prices of these packages are far more reasonable. Productive managers understand the value of time and they realize the value that can be added in their workflows by the integration of robots. While Rocketbot does not employ AI into its robots, the algorithms are sufficiently curated to carry out complex works required by firms in the financial and insurance industries. The management is constantly innovating and envisioning the future of Rocketbot as a pioneer in the robotic world. They see a world where robots will be connected to each other, where they can communicate, share information, and manage themselves for support, maintenance, and for the automatic creation of robots. The existing clientele of Rocketbot is highly satisfied with the services provided by the company and the positive impact it has created on their work-life. One of their largest clients is Allianz, BBVA, Santande, Samsung, and Coca Cola with whom they already have 40 robots in operation. These robots have allowed them to reduce their operating times, permitting greater efficiency in the face of competition. For this companies, the implementation of Rocketbot has meant not having to lay off personnel but has allowed it to re-organize employee functions and for its workers to focus 100% on tasks of greater added value. If you happen to be a manager of a company and are looking to find better ways to induce productivity in your team and get the most out of your team’s efforts, then contact Rocketbot today. You can try their free package that lasts for 3 months to have an idea of the nature of the service. About the Company: Rocketbot is a Robotic Process Automation solution that allows creating software robots to automate operational processes in small and medium-sized companies in the financial, insurance, retail, e-commerce, etc. sectors. Media Contact Company Name: Rocketbot Contact Person: Manuel Brarroso Email: Send Email Phone: +1 (786) 352-3915 City: Miami State: Florida Country: United States Website:

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